Each of our team members are SO talented! They each have amazing projects in the works and this page is dedicated to their individual pursuits! Have fun getting to know them and follow them on social media!!


Natassja Jordan


Greg Owens

Natassja Jordan was born into a military family and has spent her entire life emerged in culture, music and entertainment. Participating in activities ranging from dance and chorus to sound design and mixing, Natassja has experience in many areas. Her motto is "there is always more to learn" and wants to share her love for knowledge and the entertainment industry in her journey.

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After serving 12 years in the Navy Greg (Big O) Owens moved to Atlanta, Ga in 2012 to attend the Art Institute of Atlanta to study videography. His first job after completing school was with Hitz187.9 StreetWatchRadio the #1 internet radio station in the ATL for 3 years straight as the sole videographer and director for the StreetWatchTV and StreetWatchTVAfterDark shows. Along with other freelance work in photography and videography for birthday parties, weddings,community activism etc. he has made a name for himself in the Atlanta art and music scene. He also has music video credits to his name with local up and coming artist in Atlanta. Now he is one of the main videographer/photographers for OntheriseAtl.

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Terrance Nwankwo

Freelance Graphic Designer, Video FX Editor, and Photographer. Cosplayer and Prop builder for conventions. Usually taking photos for cosplayers during anime conventions located in Atlanta.

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Alexis Cleary

Born Aldith Monique-Alexis Cleary, this singer, songwriter, and audio engineer is consistently growing within her craft and carving out a spot within the music and entertainment industries as the name LexC continues to gain recognition. LexC was born in Fayetteville, North Carolina, but due to the military service of her parents she also claims ties to Delaware, Germany, Virginia, Texas, Jamaica, Hawaii, Alaska, and Georgia. LexC attributes her character and self-confidence to the army. Realizing that there is more to being a successful artist than merely holding a tune, LexC attended and graduated The Art Institute of Atlanta where she studied music theory, audio engineering, post-production, business law, entrepreneurship, etc., receiving a Bachelor’s in Audio Production in the summer of 2016.At the age of 22, she already has credits with Ma$e, Columbus Short, J. Holiday, and a few others that will not yet be named. Keeping an attitude of positivity and attract success, there is no doubt that LexC is going to become a household name compared to the likes of Aaliyah, Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, and many others.

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