DopeNorTeria Starting a Revolution

We love to praise people that put in work and these three guys are GETTING IT! DopeNorTeria is a young eclectic production team, which consists of Jordan Washington (Dope Thax), Chad North (C.North), and Jiele Washington (The Bacteria).

The trio was born and raised in Georgia. All three of its members met in college and created a tight bond, musically and personally. Every member in this abstract trio spent their childhood's playing musical instruments and their young adulthood pursuing their dreams of music. Chad North plays the saxophone; Jiele Washington plays drums and Jordan Washington plays drums. Having come from a musical background, DNT is able to express themselves through their music.

Their influences range from the raw emotions of Kendrick Lamar to the melodic sound of Snarky Puppy.

Check out their SoundCloud to hear more of their music: past, present & future.

#video #producer #music #hiphop

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