Loca Luna


Every weekend, we are faced with the same question: “What’s the move?” This weekend our answer was Loca Luna- Amsterdam Street

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The Highlights~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ -No cover charge for women OR men. -Dancing! Loca Luna is a restaurant by day and a Salsa club by night. -Good Music. There is a live band almost every night and around 11:30 pm the music changes to a DJ who plays a wide variety of music. -Drinks. This place has the best fresh margaritas we’ve ever had AND a variety of $5 specials each week. -Food. Because of their fully staffed kitchen you can dance and drink then go to the back for some amazing tapas. -The crowd. There is a wide variety in ethnicity and age at this club. It’s the perfect spot for someone who is ready to see the world beyond “twerking” After partying at Loca Luna for a while, we walked up Monroe Dr. to find Smith’s Olde Bar on Piedmont Street. Inside we were welcomed with loud Hip-Hop music and $6 shots. This bar is very, very different from Loca Luna’s environment. There are pool tables, bar stools, a lot less diversity in the crowd and waaaayyyy more Hip-Hop than we expected BUT everyone inside smiled and danced right along with us. After a round, we went back to Loca Luna to Salsa with the large lively crowd. ***WARNING: If you are not ready to step out of your comfort zone and experience what Atlanta has to offer, you will never have fun.

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