OTR Exclusive Interview with Yung Jett!

On the RIse was super impressed with the energy and stage prescence of this award winning artist. Yung Jett, born in Kansas City MO, began to develop his lyrical skills and writing music at the age of 13. Jett the joined the army and served 4 years over seas while continuing to perfect his musical craft. He was discharged and began making a lot of noise in ATL. Yung Jett has cultivated a following and a buzz with his hit song YaYa! If you get a chance to see Yung Jett in concert, pay attention! This guy really knows how to own a stage.

OTR supports Yung Jett for his work ethic. He is constantly doing shows and is consistently in the studio. Jett currently working his way through every venue from Georgia to Missouri. Follow him at @yung_jett1 to support his music and his upcoming projects.

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