MoonDogs promises every customer with "a great value for their money, a safe and comfortable environment and multiple options for their enjoyment" (their website says so!) and OTR completely agrees. This bar/nightclub is waay bigger than it looks on the outside.

This spot has multiple rooms for pool, darts, karaoke and dancing and EVERY room has a fully stocked bar. There are strobe lights, neon hula hoops, tv screens and neon-lit dance platforms. The patrons are of a very diverse crowd and the music covers just about every genre.

When you arrive security will ask for your ID (21 and up) and that's it! No cover charge! At all! Walk up the stairs and you'll see a door on either side of you. Pick one and have fun exploring this spacious venue.They have special deals Tuesday-Saturday but, we think Wednesdays are the best day to go.

OTR Approved.


3179 Peachtree Road

Atlanta, GA 30305

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