Oh How We LOVE Pretty Gurl Bri!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all our readers! We're gonna keep the ball rolling with this issue's artist, Briana Gray, but soon the world will know her as Pretty Gurl. The multi-talented Briana is a singer, a rapper and a producer. If you ask her, this is funny because as a kid in school she was the "quiet, socially awkward nerd in the corner."

Born and mostly raised in Kernersville North Carolina, Briana moved to Georgia when she turned twelve. At the age of ten, she was considered to be the "little songbird" of the family.

Her older cousins would have beg her rap in front of all their coworkers and she would always get the same reaction. “Wowhow old is she?” “She wrote that?” “You’re going to make it and when you do don’t forget me.”

What really sparked her interest in music and the music industry was a simple music video by her favorite artist at the time. Briana says, "As a child when you see a rapper glorified with pretty woman, nice jewelry, and cars you’ve never seen before, you automatically idolize them. I told myself then that I wanted to live that lifestyle." One bachelor’s degree and twenty-one years later her goals have changed. She still writes and raps from time to time but now her main focus is producing. Pretty Gurl says, "I may not have started off the best but my style is quickly evolving and I get better with each track. I want to be the first female producer that’s just as big if not bigger then my male competition."

Watch out for this one!

Pretty Gurl is on the rise!

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