OTR is going to the QUAD..umm LEGACY!!

Yes yes dear readers, we usually post a new club for you to check out today. However, the party isn't until tonight. SO, we will be going to Legacy (formerly known as the QUAD) to check out all of their amenities, features, horrible things that we hate and great things that we hadn't expected. May 16th, 2015 we'll tell you ALLL about this ATL hotspot. WIsh us Luck!!


714 Spring Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30308


OK OK so here is the scoop on the new Quad aka LEGACY. Tis venue is HUGE! It has an upstairs & downstairs, 2 full bars, 3 rooms, 3 dj booths, rave lights, a body paint artist and lots of EDM music. Now our crew LOVED the space, the vibem the music and majority of the patrons (with the exception of one or two bad apples). Bottom line we had a blast and walked straight in. No line, No cover. No hassle. Tuesday night is LEGACY's big party night and their cover is usually about $5. The drinks were in the $5-$10 range and the crowd was an eclectic mix of artsy students. HAVE FUN!

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