Talking Fashion & More with Atlanta's Soulful Stylist

This time we're bringing you a rising Fashion Vlogger, the Soulful Stylist. We are completely in to the Soulful Stylist's message on life and confidence, her fashion lookbooks and her DIY tutorials! OTR wanted to get to know this Atlanta Youtuber and to introduce her to you.

Tiffany was born in Brooklyn New York on July 14th, 1993. Ever since she was little, she has been infatuated with garment construction. She would watch her mom sew clothes and pillows day and night and even took the scrap fabrics to create clothes of her own. Tiffany finds inspiration for her designs and sketches everywhere but, most importantly, in nature and music. One of her favorite things to sew recently has been lingerie. In her spare time, she loves to do yoga and enjoys making YouTube Video’s about life, yoga, food and fashion.

We hope you enjoy watching the Soulful Stylist on Youtube and we ask that you support this rising fashion designer by following her channel. (Her lingerie designs are looking quite sexy...OTR Approved.)

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