Tongue & Groove

Every other person we meet in Atlanta has heard of Tongue & Groove. What's more is that they all seem to have an opinion. With that being said, we'll try to only give you the facts about our experience at this popular Atlanta nightclub.

T&G is widely known for its creative parties and its diversity. They have hosted concerts, glow light parties, black tape parties, costumed and themed parties and salsa nights (just to name a few). Their venue is sporting a top knotch sound system throughout the club, 2 distinctly different rooms, light shows, lasers, strobe lights, gogo dancers, 3 full bars, self and valet parking, MARTA accessibility and more.

The Dirt

---Ladies may get in free on some nights but,

on most nights you can expect to spend

anywhere from $5-$20 to get in.

---There haven't been many occasions

where we had to wait in line to in.

---Drinks start at $5 and they tend

to make strong drinks here.

---If you like Latin dancing, try

this place on a Wednesday


---Allllll types of music.

---T&G Hosts DJs from all over

We definitely had a blast on each visit and can't wait to go back.

Oh! And if there is a club that you think we're missing out on let us know!

Tongue & Groove

2420 Piedmont Road

Atlanta, GA 30324

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