Tony's Sports Bar & Grill It doesn't sound like a club but, in truth, its so much more than that! Let's just jump right into this place...

Parking was money-free, hassell-free and right in front of the venue. The crew did not have to wait in line or pay to get in. (We hear admission can go anywhere from free to $5...not bad.) Tony's is boasting over 30 TV screens mostly for sports games, an AMAZING hip-hop/old school/reggae DJ, laser light show, smoke machines, restaurant style tables & chairs, dance floor, pool tables, 2 full bars with hookah and $2-$5 drinks available.

We had a GREAT time! Here at Tony's Sports Bar & Grill you will be in for a treat because, Tony, himself, came out and hosted games with CASH prizes among his patrons. He was heavily involved in what was happening/needed to happen next to ensure a good time for eveyone. OTR has yet to see such an involved owner and directly attributes their years of success to his involvement.

Now for the not so good stuff. Certain nights the staff is so low that you're better off just going to the bar to order drinks. It get very packed so, we recommend either ordering at the bar or chasing down a server.

Overall, cheap fun and the Hot Garlic wings are the best thing in ATL! $5 wings on Wednesdays!!!