Classically Trained DEZI RAI Wants to Share Her Music With ATL

Ariel Conley known as Dezi Rai is a singer, songwriter, and pianist. Born in Atlanta, but raised in Smyrna and Hiram, Georgia she performed in various recitals for classically trained pianists, where she also began some of her vocal training. She sang at various churches and would sing and play at various events as well. She began to gain more exposure once she joined an orchestra, who had her play and would feature her as their singer in front of very prestigious people such as Harry Belafonte and Aungelique Proctor. The orchestra was then featured on an HBO special where they performed for R&B singer Monica. Once she graduated high school, she decided to focus back on her piano playing and went to college at Reinhardt University to study music where she was awarded the highest scholarship within the program after she auditioned. She then decided that she wanted to learn more about the music business so that she could become a more knowledgeable artist. She wanted to understand the business side of the industry and gain more knowledge of the audio field itself. So she transferred to the Art Institute of Atlanta. During her time there she began to work on her craft and would do solo performances at various shows and events. She had many opportunities brought to her by many people in the music industry, but she had to turn them down so she could finish school. Now that she is a graduate of the Art Institute of Atlanta, has won awards for her piano playing and singing, she plans on furthering and growing her music career as well as making plans to obtain her Master's degree.

OTR can't get enough female artists who write, sing, produce and play.....This young lady is a QUADRUPLE threat! Look out Atlanta, Dezi Rai is On the Rise!

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