CREAM Ultra Lounge

CREAM is Atlanta's self-profcliamed "new era" of the nightlife experience. Having been here a few times, it wasn't really hard to have a good vibe for this spot so we will start from the beginning.

CREAM has valet parking and there is lots of free parking in the shopping center right next door. We've never had any trouble with parking here but, yes, it is maybe an extra minute or so of walking. Sometimes there is a line at the door, it really depends on the event.

They do have nights where everyone is free but, they have more nights where ladies are free before midnight. Drinks range from $4-$9 and hookah is $15. The DJ booth is above the dance floor and they have a GREAT DJ!!! We mean really good compared to other clubs we've been too. Some nights are hosted by the radio station, 107.9. Some nights they give out free shots.

CREAM offers up over 11 TV Screens, a nice sized VIP section, couches throughout the venue and lots of Hip Hop, Reggae, some African music and even some Top 40.

Overall, we say you should monitor social media and eventbrite for the free nights and be prepared to have a good time. We, personally, think that the DJ and the couches are the highlighting features of CREAM Ultra Lounge.

Check it out and let us know your experience!

CREAM Ultra Lounge

3249 Buford Highway NE

Atlanta, GA

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