A Self-Made Kent Osbourne

A truly hot day in Atlanta when OTR was invited to take a ride with the owner of an Atlanta-based trucking company, Kent Osbourne. However, he is so much more than a business owner, he's also an inspirational rapper! His music speaks to his journey and carries a strong messgage of positivity.

Kent lost his parents at a very young age and lived with his aunt until he decided to runaway at the age of 14. Out on his own, Kent eventually became Florida-known rapper, Jamerican Prince. He rapped about his experiences living a "street life" and after spending years in and out of jail, he was sent to prison for 2 years. While incarcerated he became tired of the life style he was living which kept landing him in prison. Kent started writing inspirational rap music and performing in the prison's church.

Kent has been sharing his message across the country and using his business-savvy to support his dream. Watch the full interview and follow Kent Osbourne to see when he will be performing near you.

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