NEW MOVIE ALERT: "The Rookie and The Rat"

If there’s one thing we Millennials can agree on, it’s the desire to have a career that

we can be passionate about. In a world that’s saturated with degrading job titles, militant supervisors and micromanaging, main character, Diana, has a hard time bending to the rules. Directed by Atlanta-based director, Omar Holland, “The Rookie & The Rat” is a comedic blend of Diana’s struggle in the working world and an homage to stoner films everywhere with a touch of surrealism.

Starring Instagram star, Teresa Topnotch, and TV Personality, Nikki Nicole, “The Rookie & The Rat” is a short film that takes its viewers on a crazy, turnt up and “still-pretty-illegal-in Georgia” ride. Nikki Nicole’s role as a tough, super serious exterminator is hilarious and Teresa Topnotch flexes her ability to sell any emotion (as we’ve all seen on Instagram). The character to look out for? Uncle Willie! Hands down one of the most entertaining and believable characters in the short.

“The Rookie & The Rat” seems like a great idea for a series. It WILL leave you wanting more so, be ready to laugh and be ready to be surprised.

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